3 types of emails that you should never open

by nativetechdoctor
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Internet security is a problem that concerns all of us. When consumers tend to become more responsible with experience, the trap becomes more complex and the bad guys who create them continue to innovate their tactics. Email is one of the most important doors for cyber attackers who want to use the door in our system.

Phishing is a form of computer fraud designed to convince users that they can enter their contact information through a graphical interface similar to a company or bank. Of course, they come from bad people who created the interface. This is one of the most common methods for collecting our personal information.

There are simple rules to ensure email security: pay attention to everything you get. If you apply this policy, your device and personal information will be a little safer. Here are three types of emails that you should avoid:

Confirm personal data

No company or bank will send you an e-mail asking you to “verify” your personal information using email forms or responses. If they need to verify your identity or your information, the process is done directly or on the company’s website.

You win a prize

Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of one hundred thousand euros! The situation is simple: if you have not participated in a competition or series, you cannot win anything and receive email notifications. Emails that warn you that you have inherited a lot of wealth from unknown parents are also included in this category.

Your device is infected with a virus

Generating fear is an effective strategy for others to do what we want. What is technologically worse than a virus? It is not impossible that our device is contaminated. But in this case, the virus is displayed by a system error or an antivirus program, but not by email. Remember, it is best to delete these emails without opening them. If you are in doubt, just open it; but don’t reply or click the link in the email.

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