4 new products Apple is expected to announce on Tuesday

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Apple should not announce a lot of products at the start of the year. Nevertheless, these should be highly anticipated devices!

It’s now official! Apple will hold the first conference of the year 2022 this Tuesday, March 8, from 7 p.m. The rumors are beginning to be numerous, Apple has decided to formalize the event. An event from which we should not leave speechless, with only two or three new features planned. Indeed, Apple could be content to renew the range only of niche products, such as the iPhone SE. Back to the products that are most likely to be presented this Tuesday evening.

iPhone SE 5G

After the first model was released in 2016, then the second generation released in 2020, Apple could finally decide to modernize its range of iPhone Special Edition, the inexpensive low-end model. It would then be a new model mainly synonymous with power gain rather than revolution.

On the design side, we should keep what has existed since (already) the iPhone 8. The real change of course on this point is not expected before next year, or even 2024. The Touch ID button will therefore remain the main unlocking means.

Entitled “Peek Performance” (The performance comes into play), the keynote should be an opportunity to show that the iPhone SE has made a real leap forward in terms of its capabilities. It should thus be equipped with the brand new A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13, which would boost its capacities, but also increase its autonomy. Finally, it should be compatible with the 5G network.

The iPad Air 5

The current iPad Air is only two years old and Apple is already considering renewing it. Here too, we should mainly be entitled to a model with a significant performance gain, again with a more recent SoC. The A14 chip would then give way, as for the iPhone SE 3, to an overboosted A15 Bionic chip. Another main novelty: the front camera, now reaching 12MP, and capable, as on the iPad Pro, of constantly focusing on you.

In terms of design, it is almost certain that Apple will keep the current design of the iPad Air. Touch ID would thus always be embedded in the lock button, Face ID remaining exclusive to the iPad Pro. The design is shared between the two models.

MacBook Air M2

And the year 2022 was synonymous with the transition to a new generation of Apple Silicon SoCs on Mac? In any case, this is what many leakers have imagined, with the arrival of a new ultra-thin-headed laptop, a MacBook Air. Thus, the MacBook Air 2022 would be the first Apple device to be decked out with an M2 SoC. More powerful, less energy-consuming, and even quieter, Apple’s M2 chip would have many advantages over its big sister M1. However, the M1 Pro and M1 Max models would still be superior to the M2.

Design level, the MacBook Air M2 should be offered in several colors, as was the iMac. The laptop would be thinner than the current model and it should be largely inspired by the design of the MacBook Pro 2021. This would have the same thickness throughout the length of the laptop, but also more rounded edges. For its part, the screen should switch from LED to mini-LED, as on the new MacBook Pro.

A new Mac?

In addition to the new MacBook Air, a new apple desktop computer should be offered at the start of the year. However, it is difficult to know which model it is: Mac mini, Mac Pro, iMac… For the moment, the rumors mainly agree that Apple is developing a new Mac mini or a new Mac Pro. The latter also seems the most likely option, since it is still the last model equipped with an Intel processor, and it has not been renewed since 2019.

Apple would then move it into the Apple Silicon range to complete its offer, with probably its most powerful chip to date, the M1 Max. The new Mac mini could meanwhile switch to a new generation of SoC, which could then either be the M1 Pro/Max or the M2. Finally, the 27-inch iMac could adopt the same design as the 24-inch model with multiple colors.

A suprise ?

It seems a long time since Steve Jobs concluded his presentation with a “One More Thing”, an opportunity for him to present what he considered to be the high point of the evening. The last time the famous was used was in 2017, at the presentation of the iPhone X. Since then, Apple has been content with sober keynotes, without big surprises.

Since it is always allowed to dream, let’s hope that Apple takes advantage of its conference to spend the second in terms of renewing its range. Some have analyzed the logo in-depth and broadly and see in it reliefs close to augmented reality. Sufficient to justify the presence of Apple Glass at the keynote? Nothing is less sure

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