6 new features coming to iOS 17.4

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Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.4 version is expected to have many notable new features.

According to TechRadar, although iOS 17.3 has just been updated, the first beta of iOS 17.4 has appeared, giving the Apple product-loving community a clear view of the changes coming to the iPhone.

The most notable highlight is that app stores third-party and external web browsers will soon be allowed to operate on iPhones. These changes will be for users in the EU (European Union) region.

However, besides these big changes, iOS 17.4 also brings many other updates and improvements. Below are the outstanding features discovered.

cloud gaming service applications

A big change that is not just specific to the EU but applies worldwide is Apple allowing the use of cloud game streaming applications. This means that apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now will be allowed to operate as separate apps, instead of only being accessible via the browser as before. This will make online gaming on the iPhone smoother.

New Apple Pencil

Although not a feature of iOS 17.4, 9to5Mac found evidence in the internal files of this iOS version that Apple is developing an Apple Pencil 3. Highlights of this new generation of pens are the ability to work with the Find My app.

This feature will help users easily find the pen if lost, especially useful for a small, easily lost item like the Apple Pencil. However, the official launch date of Apple Pencil 3 has not yet been confirmed, nor is it clear whether it will support Ultra-Wideband technology for accurate location tracking.

Podcast recordings

Just as Apple Music can display the lyrics of the song being listened to, the Podcasts app can now also display the text content (transcript) of the podcast being played. Similar to Apple Music, words will be highlighted as they are read, but the difference is that these recordings are created completely automatically.

Improved Stolen Device Protection feature

Apple has added a notable feature called Stolen Device Protection with iOS 17.3. This feature especially prevents phone thieves from accessing and changing information on iOS devices. Specifically, the device will require Face ID or Touch ID when performing sensitive actions such as changing passwords or iCloud accounts, even if the phone is unlocked, and will require a delay for some time. time before changing certain settings, such as turning off Find My iPhone.

With the iOS 17.4 beta, this feature is improved a bit, allowing users to choose to always enable delayed requests or only turn it on when they are away from familiar locations, such as home or work. mandarin.

Add new emoji

iOS 17.4 beta also has 6 new emoticons (emoji), including nodding head, shaking head, lemon slice, fire phoenix, broken chain, and mushroom.

Multilingual Siri

With iOS 17.4 beta, iPhone users can set Siri to read messages in the language they want, even without changing Siri’s primary language. For example, you can keep Siri’s primary language as English (for listening and responding) but ask the virtual assistant to read messages in French. This feature is rarely used but will be useful for some people.

Overall, iOS 17.4 brings many updates and improvements to look forward to, especially for EU users. These new features promise to improve the iPhone user experience in many ways.

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