7 WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress

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WooCommerce manages more than three million e-commerce websites worldwide. This free open-source WordPress plugin offers a number of basic functions for creating an online store on any WordPress website. While WooCommerce covers all the basics of e-commerce, you can choose from a number of free and premium WooCommerce WordPress plugins to create a personalized and unique e-commerce store in almost any niche.

WooCommerce Works with WordPress

New entrepreneurs who want to start an online business can choose from a number of e-commerce hosts that provide storage space as well as various tools and templates for creating and managing an e-commerce business. This fully hosted platform handles most technical issues for customers, but increasing the scale of your business is often time-limited. If your e-commerce website is stuck or closed, your business is a good fit.

WordPress is a free website builder that is installed on your own domain and hosting account – a “self-hosted” alternative to the hosted market that offers full website ownership and the ability to store it in the desired hosting environment on the move. The WordPress source contains all the elements you need to create a public website that you can customize in various ways, from working with source code to installing a combination of design options and the WooCommerce plugin to create the website you want.

WooCommerce is one of the thousands of WordPress plugins that are designed to add certain functions and features to a WordPress site. Plugins are small collections of code that can be installed either from the WordPress plugin directory available on your site’s admin dashboard or from a long and growing list of third-party developers around the world. Once installed and activated, the plugin works with the current functions of your e-commerce website to add new functions or expand existing ones.

WooCommerce is a powerful plugin with a number of existing functions that can be integrated into your topic, e.g. B. Product pages and galleries, stroller options and payment gateways. These functions fit your existing theme and ensure trouble-free shopping that focuses on your brand and the products and services you offer.

Even though WooCommerce has the basic functions of managing an online store, it might not have the functionality you want. However, you can easily add these features yourself using one or more of the many WooCommerce based plugins developed for WooCommerce WordPress. Plugins can add special shopping features, payment gateways, statistics or foreign language support to your site. You can mix and match it as needed, as long as it’s compatible with your WordPress theme and other plugins that run on your website.

Choosing the Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Site

Hundreds of free and premium WooCommerce plugins or extensions can be installed on your WordPress site. The best plugins should be easily integrated into your version of WordPress and WooCommerce and work seamlessly with other plugins that you can use.

WordPress Premium Plugins usually offer support, enhancements, and various additional functions for your e-commerce store. For example, the MailChimp extension for WooCommerce contains tools for collecting and managing email and for creating forms for various purposes. Other useful WordPress plugins, like the FedEx Premium API, only run one function – however, this can be very important for the smooth running of your store.

Plugins can be installed from your WordPress dashboard on WooCommerce or downloaded from third-party websites and installed from your website’s plugin page. See the version of the plugin that you installed to make sure it works with your theme and other plugins. As your site grows and changes, you can install other plugins to meet these new requirements.

Here are seven of the best free and premium plugins to expand the features and functions of your WooCommerce site.

PayPal for WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers options for payment portals. However, this premium plug-in safely and easily expands your transaction management memory with all PayPal functions. Customers simply choose PayPal because their payment options and payments will be forwarded to their chosen PayPal account.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

One reason for the popularity of online shopping is that it opens the door to global markets and a number of WooCommerce plug-ins are designed to accommodate international visitors to your website. WooCommerce currency switching allows users to convert the default currency used in the price of the product on your website to the currency of their choice.

WooCommerce Multilingual

A number of WooCommerce design options are supported in various languages, so visitors can see your e-commerce website in their chosen language. If the topics on your website don’t support translation into other languages, the WooCommerce multilingual extension adds this function.


If your online store is dealing with physical products, ShipStation might help. This free WooCommerce extension contains a number of tools for ordering and shipping to locations around the world, such as B. Operator tariff calculator and label printing forms.

WooCommerce Gift Cards

Regardless of whether you sell physical or digital goods or offer services or subscriptions, gift cards can expand your brand and even attract new customers. With the WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin, you can set and redeem various gift card options when customers make purchases on your e-commerce website.

Woo Subscriptions

Subscribed website is a popular form of e-commerce. This premium plug-in provides tools to manage and sell subscriptions to services or products such as B. for online magazines. Woo subscriptions include tools for features such as managing recurring monthly reports and maintaining a customer database.

WooCommerce Products Slider

Slippers and merry-go-rounds offer interesting ways to display selected products or to highlight special sales or other events. WooCommerce Products Slider is a free WooCommerce plugin that allows users to use the function code to place sliders anywhere on the website.

The WooCommerce plugin is free and easy to install on any WordPress site. It offers everything you need to create a functioning online store. With a long and growing list of plugins and extensions, WooCommerce can help improve any online store.

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