8 things that make MacBook better than Windows laptops

by nativetechdoctor

The following 8 arguments demonstrate that the MacBook can “weigh” laptop brands from Dell, Lenovo, HP, or Asus

The most popular macOS laptop today is the MacBook, which debuted quite early. Is that enough to explain why Apple’s laptops are so well-liked in a sea of Windows laptops? They’re well-designed, simple to use, and have some great features.

Here are eight features that distinguish the MacBook from its rivals.

Apple Ecosystem

ecosystem Apple ranges from hardware to software designed by Apple. All Apple devices, apps, and operating systems are part of the ecosystem: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iCloud, Apple Music

So when it comes to Apple’s ecosystem, all these products work together. Apple’s ecosystem makes it possible to start a task (like reading an article) on your iPhone and then continue it on your Mac or iPad, with almost no lack of smoothness in the process. converter.

Apple’s ability to seamlessly switch between devices is one of the reasons the MacBook is better than other laptops. Other laptop manufacturers have tried to create their own ecosystems, but so far it can be certain that none have been as successful as Apple.

Premium user experience

One reason the MacBook is better than the competition is its good audio, video, and typing experience. The Retina display has a higher pixel density than most Windows, making the display sharper. Only high-end Windows laptops have comparable display quality.

Apple soon realized the mistake on the butterfly skeleton keyboard and returned to the scissor keyboard. This helps travel and spacing between keys for a comfortable, no-frills typing experience. The MacBook’s speakers are way ahead of the competition early on, sounding much better than most non-Apple laptops.

Magic Trackpad

Also in the experience, the Magic Trackpad is one of the best features of the MacBook. This trackpad is larger, providing a smoother, more responsive experience than many laptops on the market. The device is built on haptic feedback, using magnets to record presses, for comfort and convenience.

The Magic Trackpad also comes with a variety of gestures that make controlling the MacBook convenient. You can either zoom in or out almost anywhere with a two-finger pinch or activate Mission Control by swiping up or down with four fingers.

macOS operating system and applications

Another big point of the MacBook is the operating system, the core point that helps Apple sell its laptops. Apple’s operating system is a user-friendly and highly stable platform, built specifically for Apple computers. Users have long found it easier to use macOS than Windows.

Apple’s operating system also comes with many pre-installed Mac applications designed to work well with all other Apple products. The App Store also contains a variety of high-quality apps, from creative, work to entertainment.

Quality and durability

Apple laptops are not only equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, but also with high quality and durability. With normal use, a MacBook can easily extend its lifespan to 6 years or more. Similar to the iPhone, some older MacBooks are no longer supported by newer macOS operating systems. But the difference is that the system of applications on the old operating system still runs stably for a long time.

While many laptops also compete in quality and durability, the MacBook has stayed true to the all-aluminum design that makes it stronger and significantly more resistant to abrasion. Apple is still known as a brand with a warranty and product repair regime that achieves high satisfaction.

Valuable resale products

The MacBook is a laptop that looks stylish after many years and still has a good price in the second-hand market. Over time, applications get bigger and bigger and computers start to slow down. But Apple is one of the companies that are at the forefront of continuously supporting older devices with new software updates. Not only does this keep users safe from online threats, but it also means they can continue to get new features on their old Mac.

Perhaps this is why the MacBook remains such a good value. Usually, if you buy a new MacBook and use it for about 3 years, you can easily sell it for about half the price when you bought it. But at the same time, a Windows laptop will hardly have such a good resale price.

Easy to buy

There are two reasons why buying a MacBook is pretty easy. There will be two versions of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, each aimed at a different market. Not many versions make choosing a laptop simpler. Look at Asus, HP, Lenovo you’ll have to spend a lot of time researching each name.

Apple’s online stores and resellers are simple to choose from, with configuration parameters that save users a lot of time.

Design and images

MacBook has a design that will stand the test of time. They have a sleek look that other laptop brands try to copy. Apple has spent years building the brand’s social status as premium and innovative.

People see you with a MacBook and it’s easy to think you’re creative and stylish. While other laptop models can now help you look like that, most agree that Apple is the pioneer of this trend, the first framework that the social community perceives a MacBook user.

However, MacBook still has some disadvantages depending on usage requirements. An obvious example is gaming when Apple’s laptops are not meant for gamers.

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