A common subscription to Fortnite, Apple Music, and Apple TV + should see the light of day

by nativetechdoctor
2 minutes read

Since the lawsuit between Epic, publisher and developer Fortnite, and Apple had just started in the US, internal documents show that relations between the two countries have not always been strained. It seems that Epic and Apple have seriously considered doing business together and offering a bundled, one-plan subscription.

The latter includes subscriptions to Apple Music and Apple TV +, as well as access to the Fortnite Club, a paid subscription to the grand piano. There is talk of a plan priced at $ 20 per month, a savings of $ 6 compared to individual subscriptions.

A project that shows that the two companies were doing well at the time, but above all the documents indicate that the package can be subscribed through the App Store, but also through the Epic platform. In the case of a subscription via the App Store, Apple will get $ 15 and Epic will get $ 5, otherwise Fortnite developers will get $ 12 and Apple will get $ 8.

So there’s talk of Apple accepting that some of its subscriptions will be purchased outside the App Store and that Apple might promote them. This is one of the points that Epic made in its case against Apple.

Obviously, this project didn’t materialize and it’s a shame. This partnership is sure to please many users and could be the first in Apple’s long line. In both cases, another interesting document is expected to come to light during the process.

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