a new version of Joker attacks Android phones

by nativetechdoctor
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Despite Google’s efforts, malware continues to attack Play Store in the official Android store. According to PhoneArena, Google cannot fix certain threats to the Play Store in the latest CheckPoint report. In particular, the new version of the Joker – one of the most famous types of malware on Android – has the function of destroying countless devices in the World region.

Notably, this happened despite the fact that Google in April deleted all 11 Joker-infected applications, which means that the software has not been completely removed. Although the report does not name all the apps in question, their published package names will give people a good idea of ​​the identity of the official apps available on the Play Store. Based on images, there are applications that cover a variety of goals, from image compression to memory training, flower-themed wallpaper collections, file recovery apps, and some other applications. Other relaxation.

In the case of installing any applications related to the description in the posted image, users should check their credit card and phone bill for unauthorized purchases, especially the Shady registration activities. It is the most common way that the “Joker” malware works because recovering money is often quite difficult.

Users are advised to immediately unsubscribe from any paid service or platform they do not recognize and, more importantly, remove any suspicious applications from their phones as soon as possible. Users are also advised to avoid future security breaches by installing a reliable antivirus solution.

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