A popular Switch emulator has come to the Android platform

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Yuzu Emulator is officially here and brings Switch games to Android devices.

According to Neowin, the popular Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu has extended support to a new platform. After years of working on Windows and Linux, Yuzu has now officially landed on Android.

However, there will be some notable hardware requirements for this release. Accordingly, Yuzu currently only supports devices operating on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets with Adreno GPU. In addition, users are also recommended to install Yuzu on devices with a large amount of RAM (8GB or more). For example, Tears of the Kingdom currently requires 12GB of RAM to run on Android devices

Currently, the Android version of Yuzu is still missing some features such as LAN/LDN multiplayer, input configuration, and TAS scripts. The program’s development team says its current focus is on improving compatibility and performance, while also addressing the emulation challenges presented by Android hardware.

The developers found that the Adreno 600 GPU running the Mesa Turnip driver showed the best compatibility for the game, although not the best performance

Yuzu made headlines in January 2018, less than a year after the Nintendo Switch launched. The developers of this open-source project have also developed the Nintendo 3DS Citra emulator.

Yuzu is currently available through the Google Play Store in two free and paid versions ($4.99). The GitHub page containing standalone downloads of the Android version is not currently online, but the developer is planning to release it to the public soon

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