AI tools help create theatrical scenarios

by nativetechdoctor

Alphabet’s DeepMind built an artificial intelligence (AI) engine called Dramatron, with the ability to create scripts like a real screenwriter.

According to Engadget, early testing with Dramatron showed that the tool could quickly create a dialogue in a movie. This AI also provides a perspective that the creator never thought of.

Researchers at DeepMind also invited 15 playwrights to co-write test scripts with Dramatron. The playwrights say they won’t use the tool to create a complete play, but the AI’s output can be seen as a suggestive recipe.

They think Dramatron will be useful for world-building or help them explore alternative approaches to altering plot elements or characters. They note that AI can also be useful for “generating innovative ideas “.

DeepMind added that during the test session, experienced actors with improvisation skills had performances and lines that made Dramatron’s scripts interesting.

The use of AI tools that can compose scripts makes many people question the copyright and who will be paid the copyright for a script. Last year, an appeals court in the UK ruled that AI cannot be legally credited as an inventor for a patent.

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