AirPods can give real-time feedback during exercise

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple is working on how AirPods can detect motion and position, in part to help with Spatial Audio, and also to help assess body movement during a workout with Fitness+.

According to PhoneArena , Apple Fitness+ currently does not have an instructor to help monitor and encourage users to exercise. Therefore, Apple wants its AirPods to be a better aid in motivating users to actually complete their workouts.

To solve this, a newly revealed Apple patent titled “Wireless Earcup System with Posture Detection” will help identify the user’s movement details through the ear. listen to AirPods. The patent application mentions that the headset could have sensors to collect orientation information such as measuring the accelerometer as the user moves. As a result, the headset can provide the user with exercise instructions and feedback, and evaluate the person’s exercise performance based on head or other body movement habits.

Those are pretty good indicators to aid apps like Apple Fitness+ in determining if a user’s arm is raised overhead. This was further reinforced when Apple suggested that “any deviation from the starting position or the direction fixed to the earth can help”. In general, all head movements will be recorded, from left to right, forward… and aggregated into a reference table.

Currently, the patent application only provides some aspects of the Spatial Audio feature by identifying changes when the user turns their head or moves their body, meaning Apple has yet to perfect the features. fitness aspect. However, these actions can actually help Apple Fitness+, allowing any assessment of AirPods user’s head movement performance to be recorded once Apple’s wireless headphones have built-in capabilities.

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