AMD continues to believe in backward compatibility

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AMD continues to believe in backward compatibility on its processors in the same way that AM4 motherboards have supported multiple generations of Ryzen processors.

According to Aroged, everything shows that Intel’s big rival is now ready to repeat the feat when going against what Intel is doing with the new AM5 platform. This information was revealed by AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, in a recent reply that the company liked the compatibility of AM4 motherboards and wanted to repeat the game with the new AM5.

Going back to the motherboards AM4, which first hit the market in March 2017 with first-generation AMD Ryzen processors. Although many new processor models have appeared since then, it was all compatible with AM4 motherboards and lasted almost 5 years before AMD switched to the AM5 socket design.

Talking about the AM5 platform, the AMD CEO said: “We are extremely pleased with how the AM4 platform has evolved. We said we would keep this socket for a long time, and we kept our promise. That’s great for us and for the community. Therefore, with the arrival of the new platform, with the new technology, we want to repeat the feat with a strategy that will be very similar. In fact, we’re counting on socket AM4 for a while longer.”

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