An early look at the iPhone 15 Pro

by nativetechdoctor

The rendering images of the iPhone 15 Pro that Apple is expected to launch in about 7 months have been created by 3D artist Ian Zelbo to give users an early look at this product.

According to BGR , this rendering rendered by Ian Zelbo is based on a CAD (computer-aided design) model provided by a trusted case manufacturer, so this design is most likely of iPhone 15 Pro is correct.

Based on the image, the most noticeable change is the removal of the Lightning charging port to make room for USB-C. This change is inevitable after the European Union (EU) began pushing efforts to make USB-C the common charging standard for mobile devices. Apple will have to choose between making a variety of iPhones or simply porting its entire product line to USB-C .

Apple also seems to have changed the curvature of the iPhone 15 Pro’s edges. The render shows glass bending around the edges of the iPhone, making for a more seamless transition to the frame. The frame is also more curved than previous generations, and it is said to be similar to what happens on the frame of the latest MacBook.

The camera protrusion can increase in size again, which is caused by the upgraded sensors on the iPhone 15 Pro. The layout of the rear camera looks almost the same, although the camera lens is also thicker, signaling another possible improvement.

Moving to the side of the phone, the volume rockers appear to be capacitive g- touch buttons instead of physical ones – a change that has been rumored for some time. The mute button can also be upgraded with a smaller and more rounded design than the current one. And finally, the iPhone 15 Pro has thinner bezels than its predecessor.

One detail to note is that these 3D renderings are all based on the original CAD model, meaning that Apple can completely change the final design before the iPhone 15 Pro launches. So everything is just for reference.

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