Android 11 will make it harder to install external apps

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

According to BGR, the settings dialog is still displayed after the user authorizes, but the application is not displayed when the device is restarted. This was noticed by the Android police who said that everything went as usual, but after restarting the application it was not fully loaded with some missing data.

A Google employee explained that the way file systems and storage are organized on Android 11 had changed dramatically. A feature called Scoped Storage that Google will deploy on Android 11 prevents it from working as before.

Explicitly, Scoped Storage will force applications to access its own internal storage instead of accessing the entire Android file system. This is a security and privacy feature that Google wants to deploy in Android 10 but has postponed to give developers time to adjust apps to suit changes.

In other words, users can still download apps in Android 11 just like before, but it will be a bit more annoying when they will “crash” after rebooting. This means that users must reinstall the APK file when they want to use the app after starting it up.

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