Another data leak of Facebook surfaced, personal information of 27 crore users revealed

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Data leaks and social networking platform Facebook has become a relationship. This year, data leaks of around 700 million users have been leaked through different platforms. According to the new data leak case, the Vietnam-based firm has given information about the leakage of the phone numbers, photos and usernames of the new 267 million i.e. 267 million Facebook users. Actually, on December 9, personal information of these users was leaked on the Vietnamese Elasticsearch server. Within three days, this data was available for download with different hacker firms. Information about the breach was revealed on 14 December, when researcher Bob DiChenko spotted data from about 1.2 billion people. These data were leaked from various social media platforms.

Personal information has already been leaked

This is not the first time that Elasticsearch has made headlines for the first time this year. Even at the beginning of the year, 4TB data dumps were available on this server, including personal information uploaded to users’ social media platforms. These data were originated by individual data brokerage firms such as California-based data broker firm People Data Labs.

Data leaked despite increasing security

However, in the last two years, Facebook has increased the security of the server significantly to prevent users’ personal information from being leaked, but in spite of this, hackers and data brokerage firms are able to leak the data of the users. after the Cambridge Analytica Data Breach was revealed last year, the data of millions of users of Facebook around the world were revealed. After this, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the social media platform Facebook, had to clarify this data leak in front of the US Congress.

Data Protection Act of 2019

This year, not only Facebook but incidents like leaking of personal information of users through various platforms like Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon have come to light.

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