Apex Legends has an additional team deathmatch mode

by nativetechdoctor

A much-anticipated game mode has finally arrived in Apex Legends in season 16.

According to Engadget, Apex Legends turns 4 years old this month, and the game’s 16th season will be released on February 14. In a blog post, developer Respawn Entertainment promises to bring ‘shocking’ changes in the new season.

One of those changes is a game mode that many fans have been asking Respawn to add to the game since launch. Accordingly, players will be able to participate in team deathmatch games for a limited time.

The new mode will have two teams of 6 players competing against each other. The first team to get 30 kills wins a round. Teams will need to win two rounds to get an overall victory. At the start of the deathmatch mode, the player will choose the character and weapon to fight, and can completely change both between respawns.

At the same time, Respawn is also phasing out Arenas, which the studio says the 3v3 game mode failed to achieve its goal of mastering Apex‘s combat mechanics.

Then on March 7, Respawn will introduce Mixtape, a limited-time, perpetually rotating playlist of game modes. The playlist will allow players to experience favorite modes such as Control, Gun Run, and Team Deathmatch. This part will also add a new weapon called Nemesis.

Season 16 will not introduce new characters. Because Respawn still wants to tweak the existing components of the game. During the first two weeks of the new season, players can unlock Crypto and Ash by logging into the game.

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