Apex Legends ‘laggy’ input error on Xbox Series X/S has been fixed

by nativetechdoctor
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Many gamers have been unable to play Apex Legends on Xbox Series X/S for the past 2 weeks.

According to Engadget players, Apex Legends on Xbox Series X/S have been having trouble with the game for the past 2 weeks. Since Respawn Entertainment released a major update on June 22nd, gamers on the aforementioned consoles have been complaining about input lag issues, causing the game to be very slow to sign up. button signing.

After a while of research, Respawn has solved this annoying problem for players.

“We just rolled out a small update to Apex Legends that address input lag issues on Xbox Series X and S,” Respawn wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for waiting patiently.”

Before Respawn released a fix, members of the community found several workarounds to mitigate the problem, such as restoring the firmware on the controller.

The update should resolve the issue, giving Xbox Series X/S players a chance to continue enjoying the game.

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