App Store: subscription sharing with family is now available

by nativetechdoctor
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After several months of waiting, that’s it, family sharing of subscriptions is now possible on iOS and iPadOS. This is a feature that was announced last June, during the presentation of iOS 14, but it was not until iOS 14.2 to take advantage of it.

Good news for families, they can present their subscription to various applications with members of their family. In this way, they will no longer necessarily have to pay a subscription for each of their members and therefore, will be able to make great savings.

The feature has been deployed discreetly by Apple and is enabled by default for users. Note that only eligible subscriptions can be shared with family members, in other words not all subscriptions are affected. Apple leaves the choice to developers whether or not to offer this feature to their subscribers.

In-app purchases can also be shared within a family through iCloud. Again, developers can choose to apply this new feature or not.

To deactivate family sharing of subscriptions, go to your iPhone’s settings, Subscriptions tab and deactivate the “share new subscriptions” option.

To benefit from it, you will need to create a family group from your Apple account settings and invite your family members to join you.

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