Apple abandons the SIM port

by nativetechdoctor

A page turns for the iPhone. In the United States, new iPhone models will not have a SIM port.

New iPhones will no longer have a SIM port in the United States. The American giant Apple is indeed switching to eSim technology on its entire range of new products. After killing the Jack port, the Cupertino company kills another port, used to slide SIM cards inside the smartphone.

In the United States, consumers will have to switch to an eSim card, a digital SIM card. Concretely, the SIM card is now engraved inside the smartphone and can be transferred from one device to another very easily.

The real advantage of the eSim is to allow the consumer to change subscription formula very easily since all this can be done online in a few clicks. No need to order a new SIM card and wait a few days for it to be delivered… In practice, however, the eSim has not yet been widely deployed on the old continent.

For now, this change only affects the United States. We suspect it, however, Apple most likely intends to remove the SIM port from all its terminals in the long term, including in Europe.

One thing is certain: the classic SIM card is living its last hours. Traditionally, when Apple decides to remove a technology or a port from its terminals, the other players follow suit.

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