Apple buys a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to adapt music to the user

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Apple could use artificial intelligence to bring new features to its audio offerings.

Apple has formalized its acquisition of AI Music, a London-based start-up. The goal? Strengthen its audio technology.

AI Music’s service uses artificial intelligence to generate dynamic soundtracks.

An attractive technology

In recent weeks, Apple reportedly acquired AI Music for an undisclosed sum. The operation was reported by Bloomberg. Before the deal was done, British start-up AI Music had only around 20 employees.

The start-up is behind the Infinite Music Engine, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create bespoke music. Clearly, the technology developed by AI Music can create soundtracks using royalty-free music and artificial intelligence. The idea is to generate dynamic soundtracks that change based on user interaction. For example, a song in a video game might change depending on the mood.

For what use?

Concretely, AI Music uses artificial intelligence to generate dynamic soundtracks. It is this technology that motivated Apple’s interest in this acquisition. The California giant hopes to leverage the startup’s audio technology to improve its own audio offerings.

Consider Apple’s Photos app, which already uses royalty-free music to provide songs for photo slideshows. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the music of these slideshows could match the mood of the user. For its part, the 9to5Mac site suggests that Apple could use this technology to generate unique soundtracks for Apple Fitness subscribers. The music of a training session could thus adapt to the intensity of the user. The Californian giant could also create ambient sounds in real-time with HomePod.

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