Apple cancels next-generation iPhone SE

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market analyst Based on the latest report from sources in the Apple supply chain, Ming-chi Kuo, technology, said that the next-generation iPhone SE, temporarily called iPhone SE 4, has been canceled by the company. cancel.

According to the verge, Mr. Kuo attributed the iPhone SE 4 ‘s cancellation to the fact that Apple’s low-end phones sold worse than the company’s expectations. In addition, the company is concerned that raising prices on the product line could make it less attractive to price-conscious buyers.

If Apple doesn’t release the iPhone SE in 2024, that wouldn’t be too surprising. In March of last year, Mr. Kuo and Nikkei Asia reported that Apple had reduced the production of the iPhone SE that they planned to produce just a few weeks after the phone was released. While not much has been known about phone sales since then, it’s understandable that Apple won’t be rushing to make a phone that doesn’t make a lot of money, especially in 2023 when the economy is in trouble. .

Reportedly, the iPhone SE has gone through three different versions since 2016, so Apple is not necessarily breaking the precedent of not releasing a new product after 2 years. Although the iPhone SE 3 was released two years after the iPhone SE 2, it took the company four years to release the iPhone SE 2 since the first iPhone SE.

There’s still a long way to go until 2024, so it’s too early to talk about Apple’s plans. Although Mr. Kuo is one of the most reliable sources, no rumor source is perfect. He himself has repeatedly pushed back his predictions about when Apple will release virtual reality headsets. On January 1, Mr. Kuo switched to predicting that Apple’s first virtual reality headset has been delayed for some time after announcing it will appear in 2022, with the cause starting from the problems with mechanical component drop testing and the availability of software development tools.

But if the report from Mr. Kuo about the absence of the iPhone SE 4 is accurate, this is not good news for Apple, especially when Apple is said to have had to cut some features in the A16 Bionic chip on the iPhone. 14 Pro due to some rare bugs.

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