Apple ‘forgot’ to bring call noise cancellation to the iPhone 13 series

by nativetechdoctor
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As soon as the iPhone 13 series hit the shelves, many users quickly realized the absence of call noise cancellation on Apple’s latest phone line.

Call noise cancellation is a feature that eliminates or minimizes the noise around the user when making a call, which can be mentioned as the sound of a vehicle engine, echo in a closed room or creek sound click on the carriages… thereby significantly improving the sound quality in the output.

According to 9to5mac, this feature works quite effectively and receives warm love from the iPhone user community. Therefore, the user community quickly realized the shortcoming of Apple not long after the iPhone 13 was officially on the shelves.

Recorded at two discussion forums Reddit and Apple, many comments “slightly remind” Apple to add this feature soon.

Besides, many users voiced frustration because their call experience was significantly worse than previous iPhone models. “I can’t find the on/off switch for call noise cancellation on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Does anyone know where this button has been moved, or has it been removed? Without noise cancellation, my voice is interrupted when making FaceTime calls using speakerphone, this is so annoying!”, user rpwils2 shared frustration on the Apple discussion forum.

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