Apple formed an anti-piracy group

by nativetechdoctor

According to Neowin, fake accessories for the above models of Apple devices are posted on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. They are made and assembled by relatively little-known Chinese manufacturers. These counterfeit products affect the user’s health, especially when a child is with them. That’s why Apple is trying to stop the sale of fake accessories online by using an entire group to track and restrict the sale of these accessories.

Andrea Stroppa, who works in cybersecurity, said he borrowed a fake charger from a friend and it exploded while it was charging. That’s the danger of buying fake Apple accessories, and Apple is trying to fend off their suppliers on Instagram and Facebook through its own group. Even so, Facebook has yet to find a way to stop them.

It is known that the attractive prices of similar accessories have brought the counterfeit accessories industry millions of dollars in revenue worldwide. In a research article by Ghost Data Team, Bloomberg found that 163 fake Apple accessory sellers were trading on Instagram last month. The most sold accessories are copies of the AirPods Pro and the MagSafe charger, which are priced at $ 25 and $ 5.5, respectively, lower than the many originals that cost $ 249 and $ 39 respectively.

In the same study, investigators reported a vendor selling knockoffs making a total of $ 140,000 a day. The problem here is whether all buyers of these counterfeit products know that they are indeed counterfeit and fully understand the consequences of buying such a product.

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