Apple has developed a special iPod to store sensitive data

by nativetechdoctor
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During its existence, Cupertino has developed all kinds of unusual objects apart from commercialized technology products. Some of these locations have been opened to the public while others have yet to leave the company labs. Among these prototypes and other guided creations, Apple will make an iPod specifically designed for members of the US government.

It was David Shayer, a former Apple employee, who shared this story with TidBits magazine. The man assures us that in 2005, the US Department of Energy asked Apple to develop a modified iPod to store sensitive files. This very particular iPod had hidden partitions allowing its owner to store confidential data while having a perfectly normal appearance.

It was also said that the device would be able to measure data such as the level of radioactivity in the air, like a Geiger counter.

The ex-Apple employee says the iPod project was completely unofficial and the number of people to work on it was limited. Moreover, according to David Shayer, there is no physical trace of this particular iPod today. So it is quite difficult to know whether this story is true or not. It still has the merit of adding a bit of mystery around the American apple company.

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