Apple interested in Samsung’s under-screen camera technology for Face ID

by nativetechdoctor

Although unsuccessful, Samsung’s under-screen camera technology is still interesting in development by Apple.

According to Sammobile, many signs that Apple wants to develop the technology developed by Samsung is the camera under the screen. Apple appears to have obtained a new patent for under-display camera technology, allowing it to remove the notch and fit Face ID hardware under the screen of future iPhones.

A new Apple patent – at least in principle – describes an under-display camera similar to the system used by Samsung. The Korean electronics company has applied it on the foldable screens of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 4. However, Apple’s patent shows that its under-display camera system has a light source, which is projected guess infrared light to use Face ID.

For its part, Samsung hasn’t had much success with the under-display camera despite being an interesting addition to the Galaxy Z Fold line. However, the low image quality due to the hidden camera below the screen made this feature not really noticeable.

According to some reports, Apple could implement under-display camera and Face ID technology on iPhones, starting with cheaper models in 2025 and high-end models in 2026. Apple may want to give it a try. test this emerging under-display camera technology on lower-end iPhone models before rolling it out across the entire iPhone lineup next year. In contrast, Samsung chose to experiment with hidden camera technology from its flagship line.

However, Samsung is not like Apple in abandoning fingerprint sensor technology to switch to authentication similar to Face ID. The company has set its sights on improving fingerprint sensor security by 2 billion times with the release of OLED 2.0 by 2025. OLED 2.0 technology allows it to create fingerprint scanners the size of a screen, thereby increasing more touch points.

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