Apple iOS 14 has some hidden features, which will change the way the iPhone looks

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Apple released a new version of the iOS 14 operating system at the recent WWDC 2020 developer conference. IOS 14 has many new and special features. New features include a home screen, translation application, images in video, and an application library. All of these features are very useful for the iPhone. Apart from that, there are some hidden features in iOS 14 that can make using an iPhone very special for users. Find out more about these features and how to use them.

Recording Indicator

In iOS 14, users will get a feature called Microphone Recording Indicator. The specialty of this feature is that you will see an alert when you use the mic or camera. This feature phone will be seen as a small orange color dot above the signal bar. This feature gives the user more control over data and privacy than before.

SMS Filtering

As is clear from the name of this feature, it will filter the SMS coming to your iPhone. The SMS Filtering feature can automatically filter incoming SMS in the iPhone into categories such as transaction, promotion and junk. Whereas users usually use third party apps for such a feature. But this feature has been included in iOS 14 for the convenience of users. 

Back Tap

Talking about another secret app, in iOS 14 you will get a feature called Back Tap. Its specialty is that in this you can tap the back panel of the iPhone and use many functions. This feature is hidden within the accessibility settings of iOS 14. Which users can generate at their convenience by double or triple tapping. The special thing is that with the help of this, you can also take a screenshot by tapping on the back panel.

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