Apple is preparing a special Apple Watch for 10 years

by nativetechdoctor

New sizes, colors and sensors would be included.

Six years ago (already), Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of the presentation of the first iPhone with a new model: the iPhone X, notably ignoring the iPhone 9. A way specific to Apple to pay tribute to a revolutionary product that has literally changed our relationship to mobile phones.

This year, Apple is preparing to repeat the experience with another of its flagship products: the Apple Watch. Presented for the very first time during a keynote in the fall of 2014, the connected watch from Cupertino will celebrate its 10 spring next year. The opportunity for Apple to develop an anniversary model, for the tenth generation, according to iPhoneSoft . Exit the Apple Watch Series 9 which was to be released this year, Apple would jump directly to the Apple Watch X (read 10), introduce it in the fall and release it in 2024.

This “collector” watch would work under watchOS 10, would have a flatter screen which could be in microLED. New sizes, colors and bracelets would be there, while Apple would take the opportunity to push the health focus of its watch even further. In particular, blood glucose and alcohol sensors are mentioned.

Would you be interested in this new watch, despite a price that could be close to that of the Apple Watch Ultra?

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