Apple lowers the value of iPhone ‘recovering old and renewing’

by nativetechdoctor

Apple just adjusted its “renew old” program, causing some products to drop in value while others increased.

According to GizChina, the most notable in this price adjustment is the decrease in the value of iPhone products and some Android phones. Specifically, Apple reduced the exchange value of iPhones to $80, but some Macs stayed the same and even increased the price up to $40. It all depends on the make or model of your Mac.

For Apple Watch devices, some get an increase in price, while some decrease in value. One product that has not experienced any change in exchange value is the iPad, which has neither increased nor decreased.

With the new changes, Apple will pay the highest for the iPhone 13 Pro Max $ 570, down from $ 650 previously. The product with the lowest value was the iPhone 7 which Apple bought for $ 40, the same as before. No iPhone models have increased exchange value according to Apple’s new announcement.

Meanwhile, iPad users get paid up to $445 if they have an iPad Pro, while the highest value for iPads is $160. For Mac users, the highest amount paid for the MacBook Pro will be up to $670, up from $630 previously. The cheapest MacBook model is $110, up from $100. Mac mini users also get up to $340, up from $305.

Finally, the highest value for the Apple Watch line when participating in the Apple Watch Series 7 renewal program is $160, up from $155. The lowest belongs to the Apple Watch Series 4 with a maximum amount of $ 45, the same as before.

Apple also regulates value levels for Android phones, and this information can be found on the relevant website from Apple. This is also where users can know exactly what to do if they want to exchange their old iPhone for a new iPhone.

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