Apple presents macOS Sequoia

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple has unveiled macOS 15, codenamed “Sequoia,” introducing a range of exciting features for Mac users. This new version of the operating system brings enhancements to the Continuity features, allowing for seamless interaction between Mac and iPhone. Users can now not only mirror their iPhone screens to their Mac but also control their iPhones directly from the Mac. Additionally, features such as drag-and-drop functionality between macOS apps and the iPhone screen have been introduced.

One of the notable features of macOS 15 Sequoia is the ability to interact with the iPhone using the Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, and mouse, with audio playing through the computer’s speakers. Users can drag content between their iPhone and Mac, view and respond to iPhone notifications, and utilize the StandBy mode for constant visibility of important information. The introduction of a standalone Password app also makes it easier for users to manage their passwords directly on their Mac.

Safari in macOS 15 has been enhanced with AI capabilities, automatically highlighting useful information such as directions on maps and videos on web pages. The browser now offers a more streamlined way to discover information, including directions, summaries, and quick links to learn more about various topics. The reading mode has been redesigned to provide a simplified view of articles, a summary, and a table of contents for longer texts. Safari also assists in bringing videos to the foreground and offers Picture-in-picture functionality for playback controls.

In addition to these updates, macOS 15 Sequoia introduces new functionalities such as a redesigned Calculator app, improved window organization, and presenter preview options for video conferences. Messages, Apple Maps, Photos, and Notes have also received updates, offering new ways to express, explore, organize, and capture information respectively.

Overall, macOS 15 Sequoia brings a range of exciting features and enhancements that will be available to the public in the coming fall.

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