Apple reissued iOS app updates for unknown reasons

by nativetechdoctor
2 minutes read

According to The Verge, the number of unexpected updates is between 20 and almost 100, with updates from the beginning of the month appearing again on the App Store. Of course, user experience depends on the number of applications and users who update it regularly.

The exact reason why this update was released is unclear, but it may be related to a bug that seems to affect the application since iOS 13.5. This error means that some applications are not available with the error message “This application is no longer released for you.”

A quick fix to get the app working again without losing its settings and data is to go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage, then reinstall. Not sure what caused this particular error, but the reports suggest some issues regarding authentication or certification.

It is possible that reissuing application updates is to fix this error. Whatever the problem, it does not seem to break any application functionality.

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