Apple released iOS 14.5 with a focus on privacy

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Apple just unrolled one among its most vital mid-cycle OS updates, iOS 14.5 (and iPadOS 14.5) to compatible devices.

According to Engadget, iOS 14.5 is a significant upgrade that adds a variety of convenient features for users, including the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature that’s giving Facebook a headache. this is a feature that has been delayed before that needs third-party applications to urge approval from users if they need to permit tracking to optimize ads. Apple says this will improve user privacy by restricting tracking, but Facebook complains that it’ll affect ad revenue.

The other extras in iOS 14.5 are arguably less controversial. Accordingly, the new iOS update allows users to unlock an iPhone equipped with Face ID using an Apple Watch (running watchOS 7.4) while wearing a mask, so users won’t need to enter their passcode anytime. they wear the mask. The iOS 14.5 release also marks the launch of a redesigned Podcasts app with paid subscription options. If you are a gamer, you’ll be happy that iOS 14.5 now supports PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers.

Siri will also ask users to choose music providers when they ask the voice assistant to play the song, although it doesn’t have the function to set the default music service. The software will also fix a vulnerability flagging “Asia” as adult content.

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 will not bring the major improvements in iOS 15, such as improved notifications, but this is clearly a more feature addition than the regular release.

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