Apple Silicon M2 chip production reportedly underway

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The M1 chip was introduced by Apple in new Macs in 2020 and more recently on the iPad Pro and iMac. This all-in-one system was developed by ARM and owned by Nvidia and syncs apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This small technology revolution called “Apple Silicon” eliminates the older generation Intel chips and improves the performance of Apple devices.

This architectural change implies a major change in the functioning of the Mac operating system, which had to be redesigned from A to Z. Apple’s silicon chip performance in the SoC is comparable to that of the iPad and iPhone: GPU, processor, and image processor grouped in one place.

This chip marks a real technological breakthrough over the Intel chips that most modern computers occupy. According to Apple, the M1 chip offers 85% more performance than similar Macs with Intel chips. The M2 chip is supposed to improve this performance.

Japanese Nikkei Magazine has obtained information about the M2 chip, which will succeed the first and is highly anticipated for the improvements it will bring to it. According to the magazine, production of these chips is already in full swing, so it’s highly likely to see them arrive as early as late summer in a new MacBook Pro and later in the rest of Apple computers, as well as in the ‘iPad Pro. Provided that a shortage of semiconductors does not disturb the party.

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