Apple unveils the iPad Pro 2020 with a keyboard with a trackpad that costs 361.63 United States Dollar

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Apple has no ambitions for the new iPad Pro, which was launched on Wednesday, March 18. The tablet will be released on March 25, but can now be found at the Apple Online Store (physical store currently closed) starting at 960.82 United States Dollar for the 11-inch model (128 GB) and 1,195.94 United States Dollar for the 12.9-inch model that was previously ordered.

On the other hand, the price reaches 1,730.30 United States Dollars for an 11-inch cellphone model with 1 TB of storage and up to 1,965.42 United States dollars for the same 12.9-inch configuration. But the big novelty of the iPad Pro is the “Magic Keyboard” keyboard with a trackpad, which (obviously) is available separately at a reasonable price of 362.30 United States Dollar for the 11-inch version and 426.46 United States Dollar for the 12-inch version.

Various Apple Pro models mainly about advertising material. And you have to be creative using Apple Pencils to paint all the noodles that you need to eat for months after you fall with this machine.

“Faster than most current PCs”

Apple is clearly focused on the performance and screen quality of its iPad Pro. There is an LCD panel (Liquid Retina) for display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and very thin edges. So there is nothing new under the sun compared to the previous generation. The Apple brand also announced its display capacity to cover the complete line of DCI-P3 (range of colors seen by the human eye, the standard used in theaters) with 600 levels of brightness and “the most appropriate color on the market” as an ultra-low reflection (we want to look at LCD).

The iPad Pro has an A12Z Bionic chip, whose performance is little known. In a press release, we learned that the processor, like the GPU, consisted of 8 cores, all with improved thermal architecture and optimized performance controls.

Apple said it surprised the most powerful iPad ever, and Cupertino said it was “faster than most computers today”. There is also a Neural Engine, a chip for AI calculations for the next generation pro application.

This message is also not very true. Previous Apple products that were equipped with A11 chips included this famous neural machine (eg iPhone 11). WiFi will obviously be faster with this Pro model and the cellular version will support 4G Gigabit LTE. The autonomy of the iPad Pro would reach up to ten hours.

Beautiful from behind, like an iPhone 11

In terms of design, the iPad Pro looks like an iPhone 11 with a square island photo module consisting of dual wide angle and ultra wide angle sensors with 12 and 10 megapixels, respectively. Now you can use a better display area (FOV) for your photos and videos, which iPad Pro can now store in 4K.

Another novelty of the iPad Pro is the presence of a new depth sensor called LiDAR Scanner. Here, Apple is improving the augmented reality experience with the iPad Pro. The sensor will be able to measure the distance from objects in the environment, both indoors and outdoors, at a distance of up to five meters.

“The LiDAR scanner works at the photon level with nanosecond speeds. The new iPadOS depth frames combine the depth points measured by the LiDAR scanner with data from cameras and motion sensors, and are improved on the A12Z Bionic with computer vision algorithms for a better understanding of a scene “, explains the manufacturer.

Apple’s ARKit will use data from two cameras, motion sensors, and the LiDAR scanner in the future to further improve AR applications. Always with the aim of attracting creative professionals, the new iPad Pro is equipped with five “studio quality” microphones to capture quality sound during your conf ‘calls or your videos.

Much more than a PC, but with a keyboard kit (and overpriced)

As we have already said, the great novelty of this generation of iPad Pro is its compatibility with the new keyboard/screen protector “Magic Keyboard.” The keyboard is adjustable from different viewing angles for easier use, but also, and above all, with a brand new trackpad to replace the mouse.

This full-keyboard is made up of rigid keys with a scissor mechanism. It is, therefore, a keyboard with real keys, contrary to what Apple currently offers, with an announced typing stroke of only 1 mm. The trackpad allows you to use a cursor on iPadOS to perform precision tasks. It is supposed to be contextual and offers different click functionality depending on what you point to on your screen, always adapting to the needs of the pro and creative user.

To be exact, the trackpad does not bring a classic macOS cursor to the iPad screen. Instead, Apple worked on an intuitive software solution, especially for Touch First environments. Thus, the cursor should appear in the form of a circle which highlights the applications on the start screen and in the dock, or sections of text as far as they are clickable. The trackpad also supports gesture control for navigation in the App Switcher or to zoom in on images or scroll through the Safari browser. It is unknown if third-party application developers are already working on implementing trackpad support built into iPadOS 13.4, but it is very likely that this is the case.

Of course, the iPad Pro will also work with a mouse. This is very good news if the brand decides one day to authorize cloud gaming or cloud computing services (Cuckoo Shadow) on its iOS and iPadOS devices. The iPad Pro will also support 2nd generation Apple Pencil with a wireless pairing and charging system.

But at $ 299 a keyboard for the 11-inch model and $ 349 for the large format, the price of this new iPad Pro is more than dissuasive. Especially since the Magic Keyboard would also be compatible with older generations of iPad. The iPadOS 13.4 updates will also be available on March 24 for the iPad Air 2 or higher, the iPad 5th generation or higher and the iPad mini 4 or higher. You can therefore technically connect the Magic Keyboard to these old models if you wish.

iPad Pro 2020: Price and availability

Price iPad Pro 2020 11 inch
  • iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 128 GB WiFi: 961.59 United States Dollar
  • iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 128 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,143.43 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 256 GB WiFi: 1,079.25 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 256 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,261.09 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 512 GB WiFi: 1,314.57 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 512 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,497.23 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 1 TB WiFi: 1,229.70 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 11 inch 1TB WiFi & Cellular: 1,732.71 United States Dollar
Price iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch
  • iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 128 GB WiFi: 1,197.59 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 128 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,379.53 United States Dollar
  • iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 256 GB WiFi: 1,315.32 United States Dollar
  • iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 256 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,496.49 United States Dollar
  • iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 512 GB WiFi: 1,549.97 United States Dollar
  • iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 512 GB WiFi & Cellular: 1,731.82 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 1TB WiFi: 1,785.30 United States Dollar
  •  iPad Pro 2020 12.9 inch 1 TB WiFi & Cellular: 1,967.15 United States Dollar

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