Apple Vision Pro users ‘have difficulty’ if they forget their password

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple said customers who forget their Vision Pro password will have to bring their glasses to a store or send them to Apple Care to reset a new password because they cannot restore it themselves.

This is not a regular Apple ID password, but a password used to unlock the device and apps. Vision Pro uses Optic ID for visual authentication of users. However, in some cases, the user will be asked to enter the password, such as after restarting the device.

Similar to the iPhone or iPad, Vison Pro will be temporarily locked when the user enters the wrong password many times. If you still cannot remember the password, the user must send the glasses to Apple to recover and set a new password.

This is different from the rest of Apple’s products. For example, the Apple Watch still has a mechanism that allows users to reset themselves if they forget their password. According to Bloomberg, Apple may adjust the software in the future to avoid these inconveniences.

community forums On Apple, many customers complained that even support didn’t know how to resolve the issue, and they had to wait more than an hour to speak to an Apple representative. Finally, the representative advised the customer to bring the glasses to the store for resolution.

Another complicated issue is that the Vision Pro is not equipped with a USB-C port, making it impossible for users to connect the device to a Mac to fix the problem. Previously, Apple launched a USB-C adapter for Vision Pro but it was only for developers.

However, a recent source from 9to5mac said that Apple Retail employees have been granted early access to the update of the Apple Configurator application. This update allows Vision Pro to be restored via Mac without having to send the glasses to a repair center.

Vision Pro marks Apple’s latest big step forward since it introduced its smartwatch line nearly a decade ago. With its expensive price, this device is not expected to become a blockbuster product but many people have gone to stores to experience it firsthand.

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