‘Apple will be demoted after Huawei launches new series of phones’

by nativetechdoctor

That is the statement that came from Huawei Device BG CEO He Gang during the Q&A session with the media after the company launched the Huawei P60, Mate X3, Enjoy 60, Huawei Watch Ultimate and other devices.

According to GizChina , Mr. Gang thinks Apple’s market share will drop as soon as Huawei releases a new phone. Explaining this, Mr. Gang affirmed that Huawei products provide expertise on many levels superior to the iPhone. For example, the signal and latency of Huawei mobile phones is much better than that of iPhone 14 Pro Max thanks to Lingxi communication technology

Not stopping there, the Huawei P60 series comes with a 10-stop aperture, which increases the light entering the camera by 191% compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This device is also equipped with a night vision telephoto lens with strong focusing ability, up to 488% compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max . With these technologies, Huawei believes that it will be better and the presence of the product will “take down Apple”. The use of the word “take down” may be a bit harsh, but the product’s presence would actually reduce Apple’s market share.

Despite the efforts of rivals like Huawei, it is a fact that Apple is trending strongly in the smartphone market. The company recently overtook Samsung to become the number one smartphone brand in the world with a 23% market share. In addition, Apple accounts for 75% of the market for high-end smartphones priced at $600 or more. As such, bringing down Apple is not as simple as Huawei’s claims, especially when the company’s products lack Google Mobile Services and 5G connectivity due to restrictions from the US.

One bright spot of Huawei today is that the company has made a breakthrough with its foldable smartphone . In fact, Apple has no such device at the moment, so it is completely losing to Huawei in this market. According to research data from iResearch, Huawei currently holds more than half of the foldable smartphone market share in China, while Samsung ranks second with only 18.8% market share

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