Apple will introduce widgets on iPadOS 17

by nativetechdoctor
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Among the new features brought by iOS 16, the addition of widgets on the locked screen could land on iPad. However, we will have to wait for iPadOS 17.

Widgets on the locked screen are one of the good surprises of iOS 16. This allows the user to personalize their screen and have information at a glance. But why will this customization not be available on iPadOS 16? Here are two leads:

Lack of time and bugs galore

The first track is that iPadOS 16 has received new features. Stage Manager will have taken a lot of time and energy from the teams in Cupertino. Indeed, through the many betas, we have observed the difficulty of integrating this new functionality. The deployment of iPadOS has also had to be postponed to the end of October.

User experience

The second is that Apple does not want to simply copy and paste widgets from the iPhone to the iPad. If the basis remains the same, namely the aesthetic modification of the date, time, and wallpaper, the positioning and size of the widgets will be different on iPad. Logically, Apple wants to use all the available surfaces of the iPad.

Therefore, it will be necessary to wait a few months before seeing this screen customization on the iPads.

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