Apple will launch three high-end iPhone models next year

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In the latest Power On the news, Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman provided some interesting information regarding the high-end iPhone line that Apple will launch next year.

According to GizChina, Mr. Gurman said that one day, Apple will change the name of its flagship phone from Pro Max to Ultra. This is necessary because it’s much easier to say and in line with Apple’s recent naming strategy, which has included the suffix Ultra for both Apple Watches and Macs. More importantly, in the recently published Power On report, Mr. Gurman said Apple could launch an iPhone even more expensive than the two Pro models by 2024. This seems to imply that Apple will launch three models. High-end iPhone, including iPhone 16 Pro, 16 Pro Max, and 16 Ultra.

This information is completely grounded in the context that Apple CEO Tim Cook once told investors that customers are willing to spend a lot of money to get the best iPhone possible. As a result, Apple has every right to launch even more luxurious iPhone models in the future.

It is known that the average price of an iPhone is increasing, including the highest price for iPhone which has also increased sharply in the past few years. In 2017, the iPhone peaked at $1,150 for the iPhone X 256GB, but now the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max costs up to $1,600. According to Mr. Cook, people are trying to get the best they can in their product portfolio.

Cook also laid out a number of cases explaining why higher-end iPhones make sense, including new features. However, he did not specify whether iPhone prices will spike in the future.

Last year, Apple distinguished the high-end iPhone line from the usual with a number of features such as an A16 Bionic chip, Dynamic Island, or 48 MP camera. This year, the company is expected to widen this disparity by improving materials, chips, cameras with periscopes, solid-state buttons, etc. for the high-end models of the iPhone 15 series .

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