Apple will release the iPhone 12 in ‘two stages’

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The latest report from Digitimes shows that the iPhone can be released in two steps, with the first two versions and the other two appearing a few weeks later. According to BGR, this is not the first time Apple has launched two versions of the iPhone. In 2018, the iPhone 8 was released in September, and the iPhone X was launched in November, although everyone was released at the same time.

Apple can launch the iPhone 5G market in two phases, with two 6.1-inch models in the first edition and two 6.7-inch models and 5.4 inches in the second edition. The source added that the SLP board supplier for the latest 6.1-inch model had begun production, while the last would begin in late August.

Previously, sources have announced that Apple will launch four iPhone 12 models in the fall. These are the four models mentioned above. The 5.4-inch model and one of the 6.1-inch models will be cheaper devices with two camera arrays, while the second 6.1-inch model and the 6.7-inch model are more expensive and more expensive. will adapt. three cameras. All four phones are expected to support 5G networks.

The release date and number of models and containers may also change in the fall because other rumors have suggested that Apple will eliminate the charger and wired EarPods to cut costs and reduce e-waste.

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