Artificial intelligence writes lyrics for musicals

by nativetechdoctor
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In one spontaneous, Eli Weiss a student from Chapman University in California (USA) tried the use of an artificial intelligence (AI) software to put in writing lyrics for the musical Hamilton.

The software was Shortly Read, which was designed around the GPT-3. GPT-3 is a text creation model manufactured by OpenAI. By learning from the huge database, this model can produce coherent human-written passages. However, many people fear that GPT-3 will be used by bad guys to spread fake news on social networks, or that GPT-3 will rob the people working with words. Because of the fear of the bad effects of GPT-3, Elon Musk stopped supporting OpenAI projects.

The interface of this text-creation software is moderately straightforward. To form verses, Eli Weiss just necessities to enter one solicitation: \”This is the verses for the new melody in the melodic Hamilton\”. The product will compose verses dependent on songs with a four-check structure, a tune and an extension, precisely mirroring the characters and their relationship in the story.

Hamilton is a multi-genre musical, including hip-hop, R&B, pop and soul music. The lyrics that AI wrote are rhyming rhythmically like a poem, still faithful to the story of historical figure Alexander Hamilton and there are deep-sounding sentences like: “I have found my way out of hell. I walked past the grave. I wrote a song about you, the only person who made me feel reassured. ” Besides, there are still some messy passages, such as those that mention former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Too excited about the results, Eli Weiss and her friend showed off the lyrics AI wrote through the video posted on YouTube. Weiss continued to use Shortly Read software to write scripts and compose lyrics for a number of other songs. Weiss himself saw nothing to worry about in this, he said: “AI is used everywhere to fill gaps and adjust details in the creative process”.

Artificial intelligence is slowly penetrating areas that require creativity. Many AI software can draw pictures, compose poems, and even compose music based on melodies from songs by Elvis Presley or Katy Perry.

Not long ago, the OpenAI company also announced the Jukebox software capable of creating tunes based on available audio data. If used properly, software like Jukebox or Shortly Read will be a powerful tool for people.

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