Battlefield 2042 develops a new anti-hacking system

by nativetechdoctor

When season 6 begins, Battlefield 2042 deploys a new anti-cheat software system.

According to ComicBook, the next season of Battlefield 2042 will begin in October and those planning to cheat will be faced with a new set of anti-cheat tools. Accordingly, Electronic Arts (EA) announced in an update on the next anti-cheat phase of Battlefield 2042 that the game will apply the EA anti-cheat feature, a kernel-level system (system core). ) developed by Electronic Arts itself.

The company says the transition is not optional and will be rolled out to all PC players in October. Currently, Battlefield 2042 uses Easy Anti-Cheat, a popular anti-cheat solution available on all types of games, from Apex Legends to Elden Ring .

developers The EA anti-cheat feature was developed by EA itself, and that’s part of the reason Battlefield 2042 wanted to use it. Using third-party solutions like Easy Anti-Cheat is an approach many other games take, but EA says these types of tools are often “opaque” to in-house developers. EA goes on to say that the addition of this new anti-cheat program will not negatively impact gameplay and that the game will be as painless and efficient as possible.

“EA anti-cheat is a kernel-mode anti-cheat solution developed internally at Electronic Arts. PC cheat software developers are increasingly moving to the kernel level, so Kernel-mode protections are needed to ensure a fair experience across all playing fields.”

The new anti-cheat system in Battlefield 2042 will be implemented at the start of Season 6 in October, but there’s no official release date yet.

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