Be careful with this special message of WhatsApp, the app may crash, follow these methods to avoid

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The instant messaging app WhatsApp has been reported to have crashed. Strange long messages received on WhatsApp that use special characters. Messages with special characters are fine. Hence, WhatsApp was unable to decode these messages. This is what caused WhatsApp to crash. This problem is very common in many other countries around the world, including Brazil.

How are these special messages

Messages are specially designed with the help of special characters to influence the coding language of WhatsApp. Such messages and V-cards are going viral, due to which the WhatsApp app is crashing on its own. This information has been revealed from a report in Web Beta. Even before, that, WhatsApp has crashed many times due to the message containing malicious code. According to the report of Web Beta Info, such messages have been used in these messages, due to which the app crashes. Similarly, V-cards are also damaging the app.

More damage to mid-range smartphones

V-card messages and messages with malicious codes are hurting the most mid-range affordable devices, using less powerful chipsets. The report says that users around the world are unable to run WhatsApp due to this problem.

V card has more than 100 characters

According to a report by Web Beta Info, the V-card, or virtual card, has more than 100 characters, with malicious code hiding the app. Hackers are crashing WhatsApp by sending malicious code through these cards.

Even before this, there was a bug on WhatsApp’s platform

the experts of the cybersecurity company Checkpoint detected a bug on WhatsApp’s platform last year. Experts said that this bug is quite dangerous. In such a situation, if the app crashes in this way, then the daily activity of the users is affected.

Group chat

If we look at the figures, WhatsApp has more than 150 crore users and more than 10 crore groups. Around 65 billion messages are sent daily. In such a situation, if the message affected by this bug is sent in groups, then many users can be targeted simultaneously. This will cause many users to crash and uninstall the app simultaneously. After this, users will have to reinstall the app. However, group chats will be deleted.

How to get rid of this problem

There is no permanent solution to the problem of WhatsApp crashing with special character messages. But temporarily if you receive this kind of message, then the receiver should immediately block such contact of WhatsApp from where such message has been received. After this, you should remove it from My Contacts or My Contact except in your group privacy settings, which can cause your WhatsApp to crash.

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