Beware of fake bounty-hunting Android apps

by nativetechdoctor

The new report comes from antivirus software maker Dr. Web said, a series of new cheat applications are appearing quite a lot on the Google Play Store.

According to BGR, the Android apps that Dr. The Web in question are designed with ads that reward users when they complete tasks, but the rewards are virtually impossible to collect.

Bleeping Computer says the three apps the report cites have accumulated more than 20 million downloads in total, with Lucky Step-Walking Tracker being downloaded more than 10 million times, while WalkingJoy and Lucky Habit: Health Tracker have all been downloaded more than 5 million times. These apps are said to still exist on Google Play as of January 29.

All three apps are advertised to reward users with virtual currency when they complete certain tasks, such as walking a certain distance or developing healthy habits. Of course, they can also accumulate similar rewards by watching ads.

Dr. Web says, to be able to withdraw what they “earn”, users must collect a significant amount of rewards. When they did, the apps asked users to watch dozens of promotional videos. Not stopping there, several dozen other ads continued to be thrown in to watch in order to “speed up” the withdrawal process. But more importantly, these apps don’t verify any user-provided payment-related data, so the chances of getting any money promised from these apps are extreme. small.

This scam is not nearly as dangerous as many other applications before, however, it serves as a reminder that users should think twice before downloading, even if the application looks “innocuous”. most punishment”.

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