Black Myth Wukong continues to ‘tease’ the new trailer

by nativetechdoctor

Game developer Game Science Studio continues to stimulate the extreme anticipation of Journey to the West fans with a new trailer for Black Myth Wukong.

According to Engadget developer, Game Science Studio Chinese has released a trailer with new footage, showing improved gameplay from the action RPG. is Black Myth: Wukong coming soon.

On Friday, August 19, the developer took fans on a journey to find the truth of Wukong through a new 8-minute trailer and a 6-minute Cutscene.

Similar to the Unreal Engine 5-based gameplay trailer revealed last year, the new trailer is a testament to technology NVIDIA’s AI-powered upscaling DLSS of the game, this is a very meaningful achievement after 1 year of additional development. Compared to last year’s video, this year’s game scene shows smoother action and framerates no longer drop dramatically during yōkai battle scenes.

title Dark Souls in a few interesting ways. When there are plants that Wukong must collect, they will suddenly transform into enemies with unpredictable attacks. This change will make players more immersed in the world with a more alert mentality than ever before.

As for the cut-scenes trailer, there will be a new plot short, offering a fresh look at Wukong’s Journey to the West-inspired story. While the video is quite appealing to players, it’s not yet known if it can capture the entire game world waiting to be discovered in the future. But the cutscene shows that Game Science Studio’s ability to produce 3D animation is not ‘medium’.

Unfortunately, the release date for the game still doesn’t appear in the new trailer. Back in 2020, Game Science Studio said it hoped to bring Black Myth: Wukong to PC and consoles by 2023, and fans still had to wait until next year.

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