Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: multiplayer reveals itself in a first trailer

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Finally, we see the first multiplayer Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. A trailer for the game has just been released by Treyarch; New maps, new game modes, the studio reveals at the same time the peculiarities of the new opus. The video has been captured on PS5, we also discover the graphics of the game on the Sony console.

The “Black Ops” branch of Call of Duty has earned a reputation for not only epic single player campaigns, but also memorable multiplayer modes. After the first Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War single player trailer unveiled a few days ago, Treyarch has lifted the veil on multiplayer through a new video with gameplay and information about the online campaign.

The multiplayer set in 1983 features maps that take us around the world: from Miami to Angola and its desert landscapes, via the North Atlantic and Uzbekistan. Without forgetting the greenery of the trees of the Urals. Each game is imbued with a unique experience, with its own visual identity that immerses players in the history of the Cold War in the early 1980s.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: What’s New in Multiplayer

Players will also be able to discover several classic modes as well as specific and clandestine missions organized by the CIA, MI6 or even the KGB. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War multiplayer will introduce new modes such as a tactical 6v6 called VIP Escort, but also a 12v12 (Combined Arms) and objective missions called Fireteam that will pit four teams of 10 against each other.

In terms of gameplay, Treyarch announces new features in game mechanics with new sensations of sliding. These start and end in a squatting position for more realistic movements. Players will also be able to control their steps and therefore the noise generated. Fast movements will make more noise and slow ones will hardly make any. It is also possible to reduce footsteps even more thanks to the Ninja bonus, which is making a big comeback.

The jumps have also been reworked for more realism, especially with a more natural height or the temporary slowing of the player when he falls back to the ground. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will launch on November 13 on PS4 and Xbox One and will undoubtedly be available on Xbox Series X on the same date knowing that the console will be released on November 10. The release date of the PS5 is still not known.

Finally, early access on PS4 will take place on October 8 and 9 for players who have pre-ordered the game. The open beta for this console takes place from October 10 to 12 before arriving on PC and Xbox One from October 17 to 19. in a second wave with support for cross-play and cross-gen between the PC and the two generations of consoles.

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