Chrome 84 is rolling out now: App Shortcuts, Web Animations,and lots more

by nativetechdoctor
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Chrome 84 is already developing. Users can perform common tasks in your application with shortcuts for application icons. The web animation API provides support for a number of features that were not previously supported. Wake Lock and the Content Indexing API graduate from origin trial. There is a new origin test for idle and SIMD. And there are a few more. Let’s dive in and see what’s new for Chrome 84 developers!

App Icon Shortcut

App icon shortcuts often allow users to perform common tasks in your application quickly. For example, create a new Twitter, send a message, or see the notification They are supported on Chrome and Edge on desktop and mobile devices. These shortcuts are accessed by right-clicking the application icon on Windows and macOS or long-pressing the Android application icon. now you can easily add shortcuts to your PWA, and also Create new shortcut properties in the manifest of your web application, explain the shortcut, and add your icon

Wake lock API

People feel very frustrated to follow the recipe and the screensaver starts! With the Wake Lock API, which also completes the launch test on Chrome 84, websites can request Wake Lock to prevent the screen from dimming and locking.

New Origin trials

there are two new origin trials

  • Idle detection

The idle detection API notifies you when a user is idle and indicates that they might not be on their computer. This is ideal for things like chat applications or social networks to tell users whether their contacts are available or not.

  • Web Assembly SIMD

And the Web Assembly SIMD starts the origin trial. An operation is introduced that refers to SIMD instructions that are commonly available on hardware. SIMD operations are used to improve performance, especially in multimedia applications.

Web animations API

Chrome 84 adds a number of features that were not previously supported to the Web Animation API.

  • animation.ready and animation.finished have been.
  • Browsers can now clean and delete old animations, save memory, and improve performance.
  • And you can now combine animations using composite modes – with the add and accumulate options.

For more information, see the improved Chromium 84 web animation API.

Content indexing API

When your content is available without a network connection. But users don’t know about that? Is this really available? There is a problem with detection! The content indexing API, which just ended the original trial period, allows you to add URLs and metadata for content that is available offline. This metadata is used to display content to users, which increases recognition.

See Indexing your offline-capable pages with the Content Indexing API for complete details.

And more

chrome 84 is really big and i cant talk about all the updates here so below you see links to some of the features which i didnt talk about

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