Chrome will no longer consume memory on Windows 10

by nativetechdoctor
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By adopting the idea of ​​the Edge browser, Google’s favorite browser will reduce RAM losses in Windows 10 to a certain extent.

Google has tried for years to reduce the famous “RAM hogging”. According to the latest information, the search giant will soon offer users a significant increase in the Chrome browser. Windows 10.

According to WindowsLatest, a Google engineer recently announced that future versions of the Chrome browser will use Microsoft Edge techniques to reduce RAM usage and improve theoretical performance. Chrome will switch to the heap segment memory management mechanism, which Microsoft experience has reduced memory usage by 27%.

The increase in Chrome memory can vary by system. However, tests show that sometimes hundreds of megabytes of RAM can be stored in the browser and in the system process. This type of multi-core system in particular has the most typical efficiency.

Users get this feature as soon as Google Chrome can create tools that are suitable for Windows 10 developers. This breakthrough leads to significant performance improvements and is useful for users with limited RAM or who just want to open more browser tabs.

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