Clubhouse beta on Android

by nativetechdoctor

The Clubhouse team has started testing the Android app and is offering a beta test in the coming weeks.

Clubhouse’s audio chat app has been making waves in recent months, but one of its biggest drawbacks is that it’s only available for iOS. The Clubhouse team has confirmed that a version for Android is in development.

According to TheNextWeb, the Clubhouse team confirmed in a blog post that they had released a “raw” beta version for Android, but stressed that the full app was yet to launch.

“We can’t wait to welcome more Android users to the clubhouse in the coming weeks,” the group suggested on the blog, and we could see “raw” apps this month or early next month.

The big question is whether Clubhouse can really gain that much traction compared to launching Android and iOS apps. Since the inception of Clubhouse, various services such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Telegram have appeared on audio chat groups. So are Android users waiting for the official clubhouse until there’s a shortage of alternatives?

Here’s a lesson the Snapchat developers discovered: Android users are being ignored, competing services can copy features, and growth has stopped. Fortunately, Snapchat is back and its growth has recently been due to its focus on Android.

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