Coronavirus Effect: Facebook Netflix and YouTube Video Streaming Quality Will Be Low

by nativetechdoctor
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Facebook will reduce the quality of video streaming in Europe on its platform and on Instagram. This information was provided by Facebook itself in response to the EU (European Union). In fact, the European Union has called for the closure of network blocks for people who work at home because of the coronavirus. Previously, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Disney also talked about reducing the quality of their videos.

According to a Reuters report, EU industry leader chief Thierry Breton has called on all streaming platforms to release bandwidth that can be used for children’s health and distance education. While European telecommunications operators say that their network can increase data traffic. Able to overcome the fear that the crowd will work more and more people at home.

A spokesperson of the company said that a spokesperson said in a statement that we will temporarily reduce the video quality of Facebook and Instagram to reduce congestion in the network. This will last as long as there are concerns about Internet gridlock.

Netflix and YouTube will also reduce its video quality:

Netflix and YouTube said they will reduce their picture quality within 30 days. Whereas Disney said it would reduce its bandwidth utilization by a minimum of 25 percent in all European countries launching Disney + next week. Streaming video accounts for two-thirds of fixed and mobile networks. Now it remains to be seen whether these companies reduce the video streaming quality on their platforms in this situation.

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