Coronavirus Impact: Twitter allows employees to work from home

by nativetechdoctor
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The coronavirus has spread to more than 70 countries worldwide and more than 3,000 people have lost their lives to date. In such situations, every country is trying to protect its citizens from this epidemic. The fear of the coronavirus has spread so widely that many important events in the technology industry have been canceled. Facebook recently canceled its F8 developer conference. Furthermore, Google and Microsoft announced that they would organize their events via online streaming due to the coronavirus. At the same time, the Twitter microblogging website advises its employees to work from home.

Twitter shares information through its blog, saying that with the coronavirus, we encourage our employees worldwide to work from home. The company has asked about 5,000 employees in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to work from home. The company also prohibits non-essential travel for its employees, provided that only the US corporate office where employees do the necessary work is open.

While providing blog information, Twitter said to its employees: “We believe that working from home is not perfect. Especially for people who like to work in the office. Our office is open to people like that and we ensure a clean workplace, seating, and staff, and food and food items are kept clean because of their high personal genes, which is why our team works.

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