DirectX 12 support on Linux is taking a new step

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft is looking to deploy open-source OpenGL software from Mesa, Linux, and BSD.

According to Neowin, in the field of PC gaming, there is a large industry that promotes open-source graphics APIs like Vulkan. Efficient cross-platform software like Vulkan delivers incredible performance for games like Doom Eternal and allows low-budget titles like Farming Simulator 22 to run on Mac OS X and Linux.

Microsoft has maintained dominance DirectX through its acquisition of the Xbox brand and its studio, and now it appears to be encroaching on Mesa, Linux, and BSD’s open-source software implementations of OpenGL.

Jesse Natalie, a lead software engineer at Microsoft, is working to add and improve D3D12 desktop support in OpenGL through Mesa and suggests that these improvements are on the way. According to the engineer, this merger will add some parallel graphics state monitoring capabilities to the computer.

While the purpose of D3D12 support in Mesa is unclear, it can be beneficial in the data center. Probably in Azure, where Microsoft offers GPU-optimized VMs for dedicated workloads. It should be noted that this merge request is not related to any of the official DirectX 12 ports available on Linux.

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