EA will launch a new soccer game in 2024

by nativetechdoctor

EA has made a new statement about the title College Football, and the game is expected to launch in the summer of 2024.

According to Engadget, EA’s return to College Football has a release window of a year after it was announced. In an interview with ESPN, Daryl Holt, vice president, and general manager of the EA Sports division said the publisher plans to launch the game in the summer of 2024.

The fact that it takes nearly two years to develop a game every year might be too much, but EA says it’s because it wants to create a game that has a strong fanbase.

“It’s the best time to deliver a game that we think will meet or exceed player expectations,” Holt told ESPN. “And what we want is for the game to expand even further by working to deliver the most immersive experience.”

Besides announcing the release window, Holt also shared more details about the game. He said College Football would feature at least 120 schools, all 10 FBS conferences, and the College Football Playoff.

He added that EA is working to find a way to bring students and athletes from real life into the game; of course, they will receive image royalties. The official game will also feature Dynasty and Road to Glory modes, allowing players to create their players and train the character to compete in high-level tournaments. Student.

Summer of 2024 is likely to be a long wait for the new football game, but after nearly a decade since the release of NCAA Football 14, most fans will be happy and patient to watch. See EA bring them a new and better game.

Holt also promises that EA Sports will share more information about the game before its release.

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